Motito: Redefining Asset Financing in Africa

We are committed to making essential assets more accessible across the continent.

Our story

Founded in 2021, Motito is a versatile and community-driven financing solution born out of a passion for bridging financial gaps in Africa.

We recognized the vibrant aspirations of Africans and the barriers they faced in acquiring essential assets.

From a mere idea to a revolutionary platform, Motito has been at the forefront of evolving financing.

We built Motito because a world where every African is living a good life isn’t just a good world—it’s a better world for everyone.

Our Mission

Promoting financial inclusion through asset finance

Empowering individuals and businesses with tailored financing solutions, Motito bridges economic disparities, enabling wider access to essential assets and fostering a more inclusive financial landscape

Meet the team.

Product thinking is a critical part of everyone's work at Motito, from our founders to our diligent teams of master coders, support professionals, and thoughtful creatives.

Our  investors and partners

With the backing and partnership with some of today’s leading investors, we're pioneering a novel approach to alternative financing technology.

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